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∞Q by Katsuya Takasaki


What’s All This Then?

HasCanvas is a tool for creating and sharing Processing sketches and runs on John Resig’s Processing.js.

How Does It Work?

  1. Log In using OpenID if you want to save your sketches.

  2. Get a blank canvas by browsing to http://hascanvas.com/Your Sketch Name. Separate words with spaces, hyphens or underscores.

  3. To write or play with a sketch move the mouse to the arrows at the far left of the screen. Move the mouse away from the code to see your work.

  4. Click ‘SHARE’ when you’re done to let others see your work.

Created by Robert O’Rourke
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Add This Sketch To Your Site

  1. Choose a width: px

  2. Choose a height: px

  3. Then copy and paste the HTML below into your web page or blog post.